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Gaur Exports is actively involved in the development & export of Jute Bags in various type & sizes. Having application in diverse industries like cotton, coffee, tea, food grains, pulses, etc.

Advantages of Jute
Raw Jute is environmental friendly, non-pollutant, a perfect eco-system, bio-degradable, prevents erosion of earth when used as soil saver.
Jute packages have long durability, and it can be repeatedly used, which saves costs.
Jute is composed mainly of plant materials cellulose and lignin which is partially textile fibre and partially wood.
Perishable goods are safe in Jute packages, as it protects from dust & dirt, rain etc. & reduces product loses during prolonged storage.
Relative toxicity levels and burning behaviours of substitutes favour Jute. Widely used as safe-guard packing of food grains and Hydro-Carbon free Jute bags are used as perfect medium for Coffee, Beans, Nuts etc.

Our Product Range
Promotional Bags Jute Twine
Shopping Bags Food Bags (Tea, Coffee , Rice)
Wine Bottle Bags Utility Products
Ladies Bags Cotton Bags
Christmas & Gift Bags Hessian Cloth (Burlap)
Children Bags Tape Hessian Cloth
Jute Matting Hessian Bags
Jute Sacks Box Type Hessian Bags
Jute Felt (Non Woven Fabric) Geo Textiles /Soil Saver
Jute Webbing & Tapes Decorative Fabrics

Colour shades 
Apart from the standard colours, we can supply bags in any colour as per customer's choice.

This is a finer quality of Jute fabric. The cloth of various sizes and constructions are used for packing of goods or commodities like Cotton, Wool, Sugar, Onion, Tobacco, Potato, Grains, Pulses, Sand etc.  etc. Hessian cloth or burlap is available in various width (range - 60cm to 500 cm) and weight. It is packed in bales and rolls as per customer's requirement. Moreover, we specialise in making small rolls, ranging from 10m to 200m, for retail outlets.

Category Width Weight / Yard  Packing / Bale 
  From To From To Yds / Mtrs
6 oz / 40" 
14 oz / 45"
13 oz / 45"
14 oz / 40" 
16 oz / 45" 16 oz / 45"
1000 / 2000 1000 
1000 / 1500

These are thicker and closely woven fabrics mainly used for coverings on multi-dimensional scale. The cloth are being cut to sizes and laminated for stitching varieties of bags, including postal bags, shopping bags etc. 

This is thicker variety, commonly called as Jute bags, mainly used to packing capacity of 50 Kgs to 100 Kgs. A wide range of qualities like B.Twill, A.Twill, D.W. Flour, Cement, Hy.Cees etc., are available which are in great demand in Agro Industries, Cement Industries and various farms. 
Quality of Bags Std. Size Weight / Bag gms. Packing  Pcs.
B. Twill 
B. Twill 
B. Twill 
A. Twill 
Hy. Cess 
44" X 26 1\2 
44" X 26 1\2
37" X 22 1/2 
44" X 26 1/2
34" X 22" 
34 1/2 X 23"

The above list is not exhaustive, as we are amenable to changes according to change in tastes and necessities of our esteemed consumers.
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