Gaur Ferro Alloys

We deal in different types of alloys used in the manufacturing of high grade metals. Our range includes Ferro Silicon Manganese, Ferro silicon, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Chrome, etc, produced in India. We supply Ferro Alloys to renowned steel making plants in the world. We also supply to most rolling mills in India. Our wide range of alloys has inherent properties that are essential for manufacturing steel.

Some of the salient features include:
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Durable High Oxidization
  • Hard & Least Brittle
  • Non-malleable
Ferro Alloys Engineering Products
Ferro Silicon Manganese Acidic Ramming Mass (Quartz Powder) Rolls & Wobblers
Ferro Silicon Ferro Silico Zirconium Gear Couplings
Ferro Molybdenum Graphite Powder Reduction Box Gear
Silico Manganese Ramming Mass without Boric Acid Mill Stands
Ferro Chrome Pig Iron Material Handling Equip.
Ferro Vanadium Nickel Plate Shearing Machines
Ferro Silico Calcium   Power Transmission Equip.
Ferro Aluminium   Roller Guiding Boxes
Ferro Phosphorus   Straightening Machines
Ferro Tungston   TMT Box
Manganese Metal   Fly Wheels
Ferro Boron   Slag Crushing Machines
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