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Gaur Exports is engaged in the development, marketing and exports of environmentally degradable polymers that meet functional standards and are ecologically acceptable all over the world. By using our system suitably effective degradation both biodegradation and photodegradation can be achieved


Shopping carry bags
Refuse sacks
Compost Bags
Municipal waste disposal bags
Industrial bags
Garment bags
Bin Liners
Bread bags
Agricultural films and nursery bags
Disposable food containers etc.
General purpose films for packaging.

Testing & Approval 
Several qualitative checks are carried in every stage of production in order to obtain a recyclable, reusable & non-toxic product which conforms to ASTM standards. As on date the test data shows that there are no negative effects on the environment by using our products. 

Benefits of Biodegradable Plastics
Conventional commodity polyolefin resins are used.
Easy processability on conventional processing equipment.
Comparable mechanical properties vis-à-vis conventional plastics.
Can be used for direct food contact applications.
Non-toxic by products.
Keeps you ahead in both environment legislation & public opinion.
It is resistant to the material in which it contains and does not contribute to the taste, odour or toxicity, particularly if it is a food product.
It is light in weight and easily formable into an attractive package.
It is cost effective and represents a minimal expenditure of natural resources in its manufacture.
It is stable and retains its desirable physical properties for atleast the life time of the product  it contains.
It is disposable or recyclable (selective) by conventional rubbish disposal technology.
It degrades if it becomes litter.
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