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Gaur Exports is one of the leading player in the development & export of HDPE / PP WOVEN fabric and wide range of woven sacks having application in diverse industries like cement, sugar, agro products, chemicals, mattress cover, salt, FMCG and many more. 

Bulk Bags

Full Open Top / Flat Bottom Bags
Open at the Top and the Base of the bag is Flat. Generally used where manual filling is required, i.e. No hopper feeding. It is widely used by builders & contractors.
Duffle Top / Bottom Discharge Spout Bags
A Skirt / Duffle at the top and a discharge spout at the bottom, to deliver the filled material through the discharge spout.
Spout Top / Flat Bottom Bags
Spout at the top, with base of the bag is flat. Generally used where the bag can be filled through hopper without any wastage of material.
Dust Proof / Sift Proof Bags
These bags avoid any spillage of valuable packed material through seams.
Spout Top / Bottom Discharge Spout Bags
A spout at the top and bottom, which ensures minimum time utilization for filling and discharging the material.
Full Open Top / Discharge Bottom Spout Bags
Open at the top with discharge spout at the bottom, to control the discharge of the filled material.
Duffle Top / Flat Bottom Bags
A Skirt / Duffle at the top with base as Flat.

PP Woven Sacks 
These bag varies from 19" to 36" width it is the most economical product used globally.
Corn, Lentils, Rice, Wheat, Grains, Flour, Beans, Bulgur, etc.
850 ~ 1500
Common Size 
20 inches to 45 inches in Width. (Length of the bag are specified as per customer’s needs)
Common Color
Heat cut, Wave cut, Easy open, Gusset, Double bag, Insert liner, Insert handle, Insert label, Hemmed top
22 kgs to 100 kgs
Up to 4 colors on both sides
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